Powder Rooms that Wow with Wallpaper

By Sunshine Menefee
Staff Writer

A powder room is just the place to pack a big punch when it comes to design and decorating. They’re so small that a little goes a long way and you can splurge on high-end fixtures and finishes. Moisture isn’t typically an issue so a show-stopping wallpaper is perfect in these tiny spaces. From florals to geometrics, we’ve gathered some amazing powder rooms to gaze at for some fresh inspiration.


1.Deco Delight

This vintage inspired powder room carries an Art Deco feel with the graphic mirror, chrome finishes, and open legged sink. The sharp edges are softened by the soft curves of the floral wallpaper. I love how the entire room strikes a good balance between the edges and bends. The wallpaper softens the room without being overly floral.


Wallpaper 1

image source: thezhush.blogspot.com


2. Regal Red

This gorgeous red room is decked out with panache. The wallpaper carries out the traditional theme with a trellis motif in a stately red. It serves as an understated background for the lavishly carved fixtures.


Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.25.21 AM

image source: orangecoastinteriordesign.com


3. Classic Elements

The crisp white background makes the gold beetles of this wallpaper shine. Combine the elegant gold fixtures with the creamy white marble and dusky blue cabinet and you have a truly classic look.


image source: foxgroupconstruction.com


4. Toile with a Twist

This traditional pattern gets a modern update with a gray background. The white only outline of the pattern keeps it from getting too busy.


image source: dixiedelightsonline.com

image source: dixiedelightsonline.com


5. Decadent Gold

Another toile pattern, but this time in timeless gold with intricate detailing. The mirror and light fixtures seem to blend right into the wallpaper, creating a cohesive and ethereal look.

image source: glucksteindesign.com

image source: glucksteindesign.com


6. Curvy Geometric

This geometric pattern gets twisted with a looping design. The black on white tones keep it classic as it makes a bold statement.

wallpaper 6

image source: homestoreky.com


7. Cool as a Crocodile

Crocodile never looked better than in cool gray wallpaper. The black below balances the look and keeps it grounded while the lights make that pattern pop.

wallpaper 7

image source: zillow.com


8. Modern Moroccan

Taupe and blue keep this Moroccan pattern feeling fresh. The carved mirror and small crystal chandelier give the powder room a glamorous touch.


image source: totalwallcovering.com


9. Exotic Eclectic

This animal print wallpaper gives a global touch. Mixing metals is very trendy.


Wallpaper 9

image source: zillow.com


10. Gold on Gold

Gold is the focus of this powder room and it appears everywhere. The gold wallpaper binds the design together from fixtures to hand towels.


Wallpaper 10

image source: bradshawdesignsusa.com


11. Playful Zebra

Bold blue lets this zebra print wallpaper take center stage. An unexpected touch, this wallpaper demands attention and adds an exotic feel.

wallpaper 11

image source: theenglishroom.biz


12. Dark Glamour

Black wallpaper is dramatic and makes this powder room feel mysterious. The tone on tone design keeps the floral from being busy while the antique gold is absolutely lavish.


wallpaper 12

image source: ashleygoforthdesign.com


13. Classic Koi

Koi swimming on the walls gives a natural and relaxed air to this powder room. The dark gray background is calming and lets the koi stand out.


wallpaper 13

image source: atticmag.com


14. Flourishing Floral

Subdued colors make this powder room stylish.  The graceful lines of the floral pattern add an elegance that would be missing on a painted wall.


wallpaper 14

image source: traditionalhome.com


15. Flighty Friends

Wallpaper brings blue skies above and lightens the room for an airy effect. Teal birds standout against clean white.


wallpaper 15

image source: theletteredcottage.net


16. Seeing Stripes

Masculine stripes in a classic black and white make a grand impression in this tiny space. The walls seem to soar.


wallpaper 16

image source: matchbookmag.com


17. Purple Passion

This fun print brings a whimsical touch with its celery, teal and royal purple pattern.


wallpaper 17

image source: bhg.com


18. Antique Accent

Sometimes a little touch is all you need. An accent wall of a classic zebra pattern is all that’s needed in this chic powder room.

wallpaper 18

image source: lonny.com


19. Victorian Virtue

Floral wallpaper is exalted in this Victorian powder room. Feminine curves are found everywhere.

wallpaper 19

image source: photos.hgtv.com


20. DIY Done Right

Who says wallpaper has to come from a store? This creative powder room rocks a collage of articles, pictures, maps and memorabilia, making it truly amazing.


wallpaper 20

image source: cybball.com


Wallpaper is a great way to make a stunning impression in a tiny space. They allow you to take design chances you wouldn’t normally take and savor a bit of exotic or elegant. So have fun in this pint-sized oasis.


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