How to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

Small Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Like a Million Bucks

By Sunshine Menefee
Staff Writer 

The devil is in the details and that is never more true than in interior design. The little things will transform an ordinary bathroom into one that feels absolutely swoon worthy. From something as small as hand soap to something as large as the shower curtain, every little detail adds up to create a wonderful experience. If your bathroom is in decent shape, but a little blah, follow these designer tips to create your own oasis.

The shower curtain

In a small bathroom, the shower curtain is a major design element. It carries a lot of visual weight. Consider it the drapery of the bathroom and with any drapery, floor to ceiling makes a stellar impression. Short curtains of 72” seem to be cutoff on the top and bottom. The room feels smaller when the eye is stopped by broken visual lines. Using a tall curtain heightens the room and imparts a luxurious feel as well as adding continuity around the room. 96” shower curtains are becoming easier to find, but if you can’t find just the right one, consider using a drapery panel instead with a clear liner behind it.

When selecting a shower curtain, stay away from busy or kitschy patterns. Simplicity is key when designing an elegant bathroom.  Subdued, solid colors keep things classic. Focus on texture and fabric. If you need a little more excitement, stick with large patterns or bold graphic designs for an up-to-date look.

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You deserve posh towels. One of the hallmarks of any spa is great towels. Cheap ones will ruin a good design. If you have to save money, don’t skimp on the towels. You will feel like royalty every time you are greeted with a nice towel that is soft and fluffy. It will also soak up more water and dry you off faster without ending up in a sopping mess.

Look for towels that coordinate in color with the room design. Read the label to make sure they are 100% cotton or terry cloth. For a 2 person bathroom, buy at least 4 sets.



Hand soap

Yes, even hand soap is important to the design of your bathroom. Who knew? But little indulgences are what make us feel pampered and a great smelling soap with a French name is just the thing to do that. You will still get clean with a regular bar of soap, but designer cleansers are an easy way to create an extravagant feeling without spending a lot of money.



Wall decor

A bathroom should have it’s own style, and that includes artwork. Don’t neglect the walls. They are simply blank slates awaiting adornment. Fill a blank wall with a large piece of artwork or a collection of smaller prints. Oversized pieces are always chic as are smaller antique prints grouped together. Artwork should be personal, so look for pieces that you instantly fall in love with. If art isn’t your calling, florals and water scenes are always winners.




Even the bathroom needs accessorized. Taking a few minutes to arrange a small display shows that guests are valued. Place a tray on the counter and fill it with soap, lotion, and a candle. Use rolled up hand towels to create a display near the tub or back of the water closet. It doesn’t have to be a big display. Group a few items of similar colors and you have an instant vignette. An uneven number of items work best, but don’t go overboard. Simpler is always better. Too much looks cluttered.

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Indoor plants are a small way to keep ourselves connected to nature. Bringing in a live plant will also help keep the air clean and promote well-being. Go for small, tropical plants that love humidity.



Shower head

A good shower head is a must for a lavish bathroom. Replace that standard drizzle with a high-powered massaging head or a large rain head. A new one will cost about $40 and is well worth the investment.

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Up the style factor in your bathroom with few simple swap-outs. Creating an opulent feeling bathroom doesn’t have to cost big bucks. These small changes will have you feeling pampered in no time.

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