20 Awe-inspiring Front Doors


By Sunshine Menefee
Staff Writer 

Your front door is part of the first impression of your home, and we all know first impressions are lasting impressions. White is not the only color out there for your front door. Here are 20 front doors that will make you green with envy and hopefully give you some inspiration for your own home.

1. Sage Green

Sage green

A sage green door is informal and inviting.

This sage green door is very inviting and friendly. It gives a sense of warmth and calm. Paired with classic black accents, it has an almost country feel to it.











2. Kelly Green


Kelly green is a bold choice for a front door.

This green is for the bold at heart! Kelly green is a sure-fire way to get your front door noticed!












3. Serene Blue

This darker blue draws attention to the entrance.

This darker blue draws attention to the entrance.

This serene blue is made for a relaxing porch. Matched with gray and white, it creates an invitation to sit a spell and hints that you’ll find peace and quiet on the other side.

4. Aegean Blue


This darker blue draws attention to the entrance.

Aegean blue is a stately color with a little more drama than a soft blue. It commands attention and has a depth that goes nicely with nickel finishes and concrete planters.








5. Buttery Yellow


A soft yellow door is exuberant.

This cheery color exudes optimism and hope. A yellow door is an instant pick-me-up and grants an otherwise solemn home a little personality.










6. Original Orange


Orange is perfect for a quirky home.

Another cheery color is orange. Behind a warm orange door lies a home with lots of personality and color!












7. Rustic Red

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 10.49.13 AM

A rustic red door is very charming.

This subdued red is perfect in a cottage or country setting. Not as bold as bright red, it complements sage and olive greens well, while still capturing attention.










8. Screen Door Charm


Screen doors add a classic touch.

Of course, a bright red door is eye-stopping! It has a long history and is supposed to bring good luck. This dazzling color highlights details.












9. Detailed Delight


A warm stain brings out the gorgeous woodwork.

This stained masterpiece is simply stunning. The craftsmanship shines through with a simple stain that also showcases the beautiful wood.











10. Passionate purple


Purple is an elegant color for a front door.

Purple is the color of royalty and this door is made for a queen. Set against a white frame, the purple is accented by lots of greenery.












11. Creative Coral

coral door

This coastal coral feels right at home on a beach-front home.

Have a little fun with your front door. Bright coral pairs well with turquoise and lime green. This door is just peachy keen!












12. Olive Green


Olive green is an elegant color for a traditional brick home.

This stately color is down to earth. It pairs perfectly with the brick and gives a relaxed formality to the entrance. Once again, black accents pair well.








13. Lime


Lime green adds a retro feel to a modern home.

Lime green is not for the faint of heart! Here, is livens up the dark gray, modern home to give it some character. It’s minimalism at it’s finest.













14. Light Gray


Gray is a great neutral.

Light gray is just enough color to dip your toes into without going overboard. It’s neutrality goes with with almost every color.








15. Golden yellow

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 10.53.00 AM

Marigold complements a formal, warm gray home.

Marigold is warm, and welcoming color. Not as gregarious as butter yellow, it’s a little more refined and dignified.












16. Medium Gray

Hewett Home

Medium gray gives a subtle touch of color.

A darker gray  gives a more dramatic, serious appearance. Once again, it is a versatile neutral.






17. Black


Black is a formal color.

Black is a very traditional choice for a front door. It brings an immediate sense of sophistication and no-nonsense.












18. Gloss Black


Glossy front doors are traditionally historical.

Step the drama up a notch with a gloss black finish for an ultra-formal and historical look.













19. Warm Stain


A dark mahogany stain warms up leaded glass doors.

A rich stain gives this elegant door a beautiful finish. This traditional style is perfect with leaded glass accents.






20. Elegant Arch


Arched doors lend a polished look.

Arched doors give a home a worldly look. These beauties have roots as far back as medieval times. They are right at home in a traditional or French style home and add a timeless touch to any home.


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