August Home Maintanence To Do List

Complete this list before your next vacation

By Sunshine Menefee
Staff Writer

The hottest days of summer are upon us and while you might me gearing up for back to school, it’s also time to do a little home maintenance. Before you squeeze in a late summer vacation, make sure these items are tackled so you can be sure your house is safe while away.

1. Replace the A/C filter

This should be replaced every 1-3 months to ensure the air in your home is clean and flowing freely. Use high quality filters that remove dust and allergens. If yo live in a humid area, get one that also deals with mold. Keep a stack of these close at hand to make sure the job gets done regularly.

2. Clean A/C lines

The last thing you want in the middle of August is a frozen air conditioner. A/C units remove water from the inside air and push it outside. If the line gets clogged, the unit won’t work. Check for clogged pipes by running a cup or two of water down the access line. Have someone outside verify that it flows freely. If not, attach an air-vac to the line to suck out the clog.

3. Test smoke/carbon monoxide detectors

These tiny monitors are easy to overlook, but monthly testing is extremely important. Testing couldn’t be easier. Simply push the “test” button. The chirp will let you know it’s good to go.

4. While you’ve got the ladder out, now is a good time to clean the bathroom exhaust fans as well. Remove the cover and vacuum all the dust from the inside and the cover. Use a spray lubricant on moving parts.

5. Check windows and doors

If you’re going on vacation, now is the time to make sure your house is secure. Check every window from the outside to make sure all screens are in place and can’t be easily removed. Inspect door jambs and window sills for wood rot or looseness. Replace any damaged wood. While you’re at it, make sure the caulking is in good shape and replace it if not. On the inside, are sure every lock is working and tight.

6. Exterior lights

Inspect all exterior lights. Make sure the bulbs work and the wires are not exposed or corroded. Motion sensor lights are good to have if you’ll be gone. If yours don’t work, they can be easily and cheaply replaced.

7. Clean fridge coils

Dust and dirt are bad for refrigerator coils. They cause the unit to not work properly, costing you money. Vacuum them off to keep things working efficiently.

8. Clean the range vent.

A clogged filter doesn’t work. If restricts air flow to the unit, which can cause the unit to work harder or malfunction. Give the entire vent above the range a good cleaning. Use a citrus based cleaner to cut through the grime and scrub it down inside and out. Soak the filter(s) in a hot bath with dish soap. Dry them before reinstalling.

Home maintenance is never fun. But all these small tasks add up to save you time and money on major repairs later. So gather up a few supplies and tackle this list to keep ahead of the game. 

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