Best of Show Winners from KBIS 2016

The Top 5 Winners

By Sunshine Menefee
Staff Writer

KBIS is the industry leading kitchen and bath design show. It’s where vendors pull out all the stops to wow designers and clients  with new product launches. There is a lot of exciting happenings and networking that goes on and not for nothing. Each year, KBIS hands out the Best in Show Awards to products that are judges to be innovative, well designed, and user friendly. Here is the roundup of those winners and they are some great products.

  1. Best of Show

Reading the specs, it’s easy to see why this machine won best in show. The Perfect Steam™ Washer with LuxCare™ Wash and SmartBoost™ by Electrolux is a front loading, high-efficiency appliance that offers a 15 minute quick clean cycle, a steam treatment cycle for stains, and is Energy Star Certified Most Efficient. The SmartBoost technology premixes the detergent, water, and stain remover to make create a more powerful clean. It has 9 wash cycles and a pre-treat stain option. At 4.4 cu.ft., you could fit large loads comfortably. It promises to get a deep clean while being gentle on clothes. $1,199 MSRP



Perfect Steam™ Washer with LuxCare™ Wash and SmartBoost





2. Best of Bath: Gold

This faucet is truly amazing because it’s made with 3D printing, also called additive manufacturing. The Vibrato Faucet by DXV by American Standard is an alloy metal , meaning a mixture, that conceals the waterways so that it has a see-through punctured design. The lattice work design allows you to look through the faucet, but not see any hoses or tubes that the water flows through. Truly innovative. The metal is hand-sanded after printing, which takes 24 hours. With that being said, I looked at the price and thought for sure it must be a mis-print. But alas, it comes in at $19,500.00. I’ll have to wait a few years for this technology.

Vibrate Faucet

Vibrate Faucet

3. Best of Bath: Silver

This minimalist vanity exudes grace. The clean lines of the Balleto Vanity by Robern, are sleek and customizable. It has an abundance of hidden storage compartments and amenities including a magazine holder, night light, makeup trays, and electrical outlets. All of these aim to keep bathroom clutter to a minimum and make the vanity shine, which is does. This fixture could easily be the show piece of any bathroom. Add a cool stone countertop with integrated sink and the set is complete. Prices start at $2,699 for a base model with one drawer.


4. Best in Kitchen: Gold

The new Kara Concrete by Walker Zanger is a very versatile product. A mixture of stock and bespoke concrete tile products allows for almost limitless applications and designs with the 3D tile. You can take stock items and mix them to create a one-of-a-kind pattern that tend to have geometric and retro styling. Kara is a European tile house and both tile companies came together to create a modern tile that has a worldly feel. Call for pricing.


5. Best in Kitchen: Silver

This under counter pull-out refrigerator by Liebherr is perfect for tiny spaces. It features fully-extending and self-closing drawers so that you can easily reach the back of the cabinet. You can also add a matching cabinet door to the front of it for seamless integration into the kitchen design. It’s very sleek design and offers organization at your fingertips. You could easily fit this little appliance at the other end of a large kitchen to save you from walking across to access the full size fridge. Check with dealers for pricing.


Once again, the technology and products abounded at KBIS 2016. These are just a snippet of innovative items that were showcased. Check out for more vendors and products.







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