Stunning wallpapers to Get Inspired By

1.      Watercolor floral

Beautiful soft red blossoms sprout from tree branches in this gorgeous wallpaper.


Watercolor patterns give a soft, romantic feel.

2. Demure damask

A traditional damask gets a luxurious treatment with a soft blue. This rich wallpaper add instant class to any room.

demure damask

A damask pattern is quintessentially classic.

3. Masculine Stripe

This bold stripe gives a masculine touch to the space. Warm and cool colors come together to create a bold, wide stripe.


A large stripe mixes modern and vintage colors.

4. Antique charm

A beautiful antique reproduction wallpaper pairs well with gold finishes. The large scale pattern makes small spaces feel bigger.


This lotus flower wallpaper is based on 19th century archives.

5. Look-alike texture

Get the look of textured walls without all the work. Blues and tans play off each other to create textures and depth.


Textured wallpapers add depth to a room.

6. Say it aloud

Add a touch of romance to any space with this flowing script wallpaper. For any bibliophile.

say it aloud

Script wallpaper sets a soft tone.

7. Oh the places it can go…

Wallpaper doesn’t have to stick to just the walls. An unusual application gives life to an unexpected space.


Wallpaper graces the risers of a staircase.

8. Geometric angles

If mid-century modern is your thing, this paper is perfect for you. Subdued red and blue mix with crisp white and gray to create a groovy herringbone pattern.


This wallpaper offers a modern take with a classic twist.

9. Retro rehab

This is another great vintage-style wallpaper. Give this a go in a funky den or in child’s room for a fun vibe.

retro rehab

This groovy wallpaper fits right in with vintage furniture.

10. Barely there

While this stunning floral paper has bold colors, the pattern fades in and out. Make any room perk up with this statement piece.

barely there

This wallpaper was inspired by tie-dye designs.

11. Sail away

This striking wallpaper is the perfect navy color that adds a dramatic touch to any room. Using a classic blueprint model, this pattern would blend seamlessly in a nautical themed or masculine room.

sail away

Based on old boat prints, this new blue print is stylishly re-imagined.

12. Emboss it

Embossed wallpaper typically takes an antique pattern and this one hits the nail on the head. This formal reproduction can be painted to fit your design style.


This pattern is reminiscent of pressed tin ceiling tiles. 

13. Floral elements

Explore the jungle in this jacobean floral. Exotic flowers and foliage adorn walls in muted reds, browns, blues and greens.

floral elements

Jacobean florals were popular in the 17th century.

14. Tone on tone

This tone on tone is a great subtle, sophisticated pattern. You can get that great geometric pattern with an elegant presentation.

tone on tone

Monochromatic wallpaper gives an elegant finish to an entry.

15. Art Nouveau

A recreated Art Nouveau pattern is full of movement in a swaying floral print. This wallpaper is also easy to apply. It’s a simple peel and stick method.

art nouveau

Art Nouveau inspired wallpaper adds a nostalgic feel.

16. Unexpected direction

Toile takes on an updated theme with bikini clad women and pistols. It’s sure to get some surprised glances.

unexpected direction

An unexpected motif is a conversation starter.

17. Fruity floral

Inspired by tiny mandarin oranges, this beautifully entwined pattern brings a classic touch.

fruity floral

Orange, green and blue create a beautiful color combination.

18. Pretty pink

Geometry isn’t just for the boys. This bold print gets girly with a fresh pink hue. Sweet enough for a girl’s room, but grown up enough for a lady.


A bold geometric gets a feminine touch in pink.

19. Strut your style

Always elegant, peacock motif prints are made for a bold, but traditional style.


Peacocks always make a grand statement.

20. Metal magic

Go super chic with metallic wallpaper that seems to jump off the wall. This marbleized pattern is contemporary and organic.


Metallic wallpaper gives off a shiny glow.



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